Plumbing, meter box and bricks arrive

Since our last update, we visited the site with our SS who showed us all the exciting things happening with the build.

Water and gas pipes have gone in…

The water pipes are the grey ones and gas are the yellow ones.

The electrical meter box has been installed…

And this little shipment arrived on our doorstep…

The bricks look great and we love the smooth look, although they seem to be more challenging to lay and can chip easily.


A few issues have cropped up at this stage:

  • The gas meter was put on the wrong side – a different side from the electricity and water meter. It was surprising, since the gas meter position had been agreed beforehand.
  • The shower head position for the downstairs Powder Room was on the wrong side – so that you’d have to step over the toilet to get into the shower!
  • The handles for some of the windows were different colours to the others.

Fortunately, Wisdom have agreed to move the gas meter to the same side as all the other meters and reposition the shower head which is great of them.
The friendly people at Trend Windows said they’d come and swap the handles so that they all match. Brilliant!

Our SS informed us yesterday that bricking will start next week.

Hope this beautiful weather continues!


2 thoughts on “Plumbing, meter box and bricks arrive

  1. The meter box looks like a baking dish… maybe I am a bit hungry…
    Good progress on the house 🙂
    I was trying to visualise the problem with the powder room… but I couldn’t.. 😦
    but it is great they are rectifying the mistakes.

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