Friday update – 4 July

It’s been a relatively quiet week this week as the slab has been curing.

SS called on Friday and gave us the update:

  • Drainage and sewerage plumbing complete
  • Frames will be delivered next Wednesday
  • Frames will be put up next Thursday

We went on site yesterday and can see a tap has been installed on the garage side, not on the opposite side as we wanted. Looks like we’ll need to have a chat with the SS and confirm all positions (esp. electrical).


2 thoughts on “Friday update – 4 July

  1. I was curious about the outside taps… They are not shown in any plan. aren’t they?
    Also… lately I was thinking we should have a plumbing plan…similar to electrical…(at least we don’t have one)
    How soon the invoice came?

    • Spoke to our SS yesterday and he said the tap was just knocked in so that the tradies have access to water. The actual positions are confirmed with the SS on site. A plumbing plan is a good idea. We’re going to put together a combined electrical and plumbing plan with more precise locations to avoid confusion!

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