Slab down!!

Today something momentous happened.
The concreters were on site pouring concrete onto the waffle pods for both the main house and the granny flat.
At long last, now we have a slab. And it is beautiful!

We’re picturing how everything is going to look and trying to get a feel for the proportions.
Definitely glad we widened the balcony from the original Sovereign design.

The blog header has been updated to mark this special occasion!

Friday Update: Got our first Friday Update call from our SS this morning! He confirmed that the slab has been laid, and that a curing agent would be poured on it today to slow down the drying process. We weren’t sure if slabs still needed to be watered down every day while they’re drying – relieved that they don’t! The slab then needs to dry out for about a week, before they put in the rest of the sewer and drainage pipes late next week. Landscaping will also be out there sometime next week for some initial site prep. But the most exciting piece of news is that our frame will be delivered on 7 July and will start going up soon after!


6 thoughts on “Slab down!!

    • We’re the same – checking everyone’s blogs for any signs of progress! Helps while away the time waiting for things to happen on our block!

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