Hallo Goedendag!

Our SS Darren called us up and introduced himself yesterday!
It was good to make contact and finally speak to the person who will be looking after the construction.
Seemed like a nice guy and on task which is what you want in a SS.
He said we can expect a call every Friday and provide updates on the build.
He also said it was going to be a long build given we’re building a granny flat as well and would probably take up the full contract time.
We were hoping to get in by Christmas but there are so many things that could delay the build so I guess he was setting expectations up front.
Some good news was that piering would start today, formwork this week and concrete pour next week.
One thing he mentioned is that we have to arrange Tiger Tails with our energy supplier to cover the overhead powerlines near the site so will do some shopping around.

We also got a call from Timpelle who have received our order and wanted our appliances to be delivered to them so they can make the cabinetry. Is this normal? Would’ve thought the specs in the manuals would be enough.

* Today’s title is in honour of the Dutch who we just lost to in the World Cup despite a magnificent showing from the Socceroos! Mighty proud of our team!


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