Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Wisdom

Admin is now a distant memory and we’ve been given the following schedule.

  1. Construction Ordering (also known as Production Estimation) – 15 days
    During this time orders and plans are sent to suppliers and tradespeople. Fence, silt control, and excavation are done as well during this time.
  2. Piering – 4-5 days
  3. Slab – ??
  4. Rest of the build

Easy huh?

I’ve started to track the days on the blog and we’ve just hit the 15th day. Still no sign of excavators or concreters.
The excavator was meant to come last week but has now pushed out to next week some time, possibly, maybe.
Time is wibbly wobbly with Wisdom and the issue is the same as it was in Admin – lack of staff. In particular, lack of estimating staff.

Although, there is another department that does the production estimating instead of the tender estimating there still seems to be a shortage of experienced estimators leading to bottlenecks at the most crucial steps in the construction process.

In comparison, we know of people building with others that are moving quickly through Admin and are almost at our stage.

On the positive side, people keep saying that Wisdom build good quality homes.

Just wish they would get started already!


2 thoughts on “Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Wisdom

    • Hi Raquel – yes Estimation the bane of our existence! We had to pay the variations right after signing the “End Panel”. They wouldn’t start Construction Estimating until this was paid.

      Yes, we’re hoping for good weather so there are no excuses for excavation and piering to take place!!

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