The Tardis has landed

portaloo tardisTARDIS2

A Blue Telephone Box landed on our property today.

However, upon closer inspection there was no Doctor, no Clara or sonic screwdrivers to be seen!
And to my wife’s disappointment the Police Box was not a Police Box but  a Portable Toilet ™.
Pretty sure space and time will distort if you go inside though.

Anyways, enough nerdiness.

We have reached that milestone many a home blogger has chronicled, anticipated and celebrated – the surprising arrival of the site toilet.

It’s a sign that construction is just moments away from beginning.
A subtle hint that, soon, dozens of people will be arriving to lend their skill to constructing a new home.
A humble reminder that a journey of a thousand brick starts with a plastic dunny.

We are relieved it is here.

Never been this excited about a toilet before!!

Signage and silt control has also appeared.


5 thoughts on “The Tardis has landed

    • Thanks!! Apparently excavation is next. Was scheduled for this week but looks like it’s slipped to next week…
      How’s everything going on your build?

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