Meet and Greet

Things are starting to move on the construction front which is a great feeling after so long in admin!

Yesterday we met our Wisdom Landscapes supervisor Stuart on site.
He took us through what was going to happen with site prep, paths, fences and driveway and timings during the build.
One thing we wanted to clarify was what site prep would be done.
It’s been so long since our demolition and the grass had grown knee high, along with some friendly weeds.
So we were concerned we’ve have to do some clearing before construction.
It was great to hear that Wisdom would do the excavation and clear the site so there’s nothing else to do before slab down.

On the same day we also got a note from Wisdom that we’ve been assigned a Site Supervisor called Darren!
We did some internet research (read stalking) and he seems like people are very happy with his work which is great!
Apparently, he does many of the houses in the area.
We’re really glad we’ve gotten a good SS as this seems to make all the difference during build.

Ordering has begun and we were told this would be a further 15 days from today which is what we were told 6 days ago.  They said they would fast track this given how long we’ve been in the system. So slab down is June at this stage.


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