Out of admin hell

I can hardly believe it.

2 years since we spoke to a salesman…

1.5 years since our tender presentation…

6 months since we signed the contract…

And we are finally, exhaustingly, out of admin.

It has been a frustrating 6 months.

We know others have been experiencing all the same problems so things seem to be getting worse over at Narellan.
Hopefully it’s like childbirth when all the waiting and pain is forgotten when the beautiful baby arrives.
Except having a baby is quicker!
Glad it’s over so we can get on with what we’re doing this for in the first place.
Our file has now gone to management for production estimating and ordering materials.
Then it’s 15 days before commencement of construction.

Cannot. Wait. Until. Slab.

Bring it on!



3 thoughts on “Out of admin hell

  1. Thanks Leanne and Raquel!
    It’ been a long ride so far but we’re looking forward to the build.
    Congrats Raquel on CDC – it’s a big milestone and comforting to know you can proceed with your design. Prepare for the long pre-construction journey!

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