End Panel and Construction Plans… finally.

Our End Panel documents and construction plans finally came yesterday

What was supposed to take 10 days took almost one month to turn around. Sure, there were some public holidays in there. But one month!?

Anyway our patience, as you can imagine, is at an all time low. Our friends and family keep asking us what’s happening with the build and we’re getting so tired of telling them the same thing.

As mentioned in some of the comments, the End Panel looks exactly like the variations we signed off a month ago.

The construction plans have some mistakes so it’s back to Wisdom.

One thing that really is annoying is that we need to pay the full cost of variations upfront before they even start construction, instead of having them spread across the payment schedule.

We’ll discuss with Wisdom as this is an extra financial burden that has never been flagged with us.

After we sign off on End Panel we move to ordering supplies, excavation, fencing (already done) and toilet.  Construction will then begin 15 days after End Panel is signed off. We’re hoping we don’t have to multiply that by 4 at Wisdom’s excruciatingly slow speed.


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