One of the things that can help immensely with design decisions and placement is a working 3D model of your proposed house.

In the next few posts I’ll show you how to build your own house even before the builder gets through admin!

I’ll take you through how to:

  1. Turn the builder’s design into a fully explorable 3D model.
  2. Add design elements to kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc including windows and doors.
  3. Design electricals and lighting.
  4. Design landscaping.
  5. Create walkthroughs and flyovers to give a sense of what the house will be like to live in.

The results can be quite stunning and it’s exciting to see the house come to life.

Some of the benefits of having a 3D model handy are:

  1. It allows you to visualise colours selections
  2. It helps with placement of walls and objects. Especially helpful with window placement and heights.
  3. Key rooms can be designed in great detail before appointments – eg. kitchen, bathrooms, home theatre.
  4. It allows you to visualise environmental factors such as light from the sun throughout the day
  5. It helps spot things that look ok on a floor plan but don’t work in real life.

Stay tuned!




Design and Modelling

2 thoughts on “Design and Modelling

  1. Well I for one would be interested in this and I certainly think you’ll have plenty of time to go through it before I’m out of admin! I started looking for Australian garden design software this weekend but nothing jumps out. Thanks for this.

    • We did our own landscaping plan using an application called OmniGraffle for the Mac. Don’t pay $2,000 to a landscape gardener. It’s really easy!

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