Hydraulics – The Sequel

We went back to Wisdom to question the high hydraulics quote.

After escalation to the Customer Service Manage and Estimating Manager we now have a new quote:

  • Upgrade all stormwater charged lines to and exit lines to 100mm PVC
  • Provide detention basin brick walls to LHS  and RHS . No allowance has been made to export any excavated material from the site.
  • Supply & install one flushing pit
  • Supply & install one discharge control pit
  • Supply one orifice plate & trash screen for discharge control pit
  • Excludes inspection/compliance fees by owner’s hydraulic engineer (if required)
  • No Allowance has been made for Gutter Guards – if required additional charges will be borne by the owner.

Same total of $7,888.

Still waiting for end panel (5 days) and final construction documents (another 5 days).
Given Easter Public Holidays it is highly unlikely we’ll be able to start until May.


6 thoughts on “Hydraulics – The Sequel

  1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you should set your expectations much lower.

    Based on our experience, when you receive your preliminary final variation it’ll be riddled with mistakes as they don’t actually check anything i.e., double charging for things and not removing provisional charges. It’ll take a week or two to get the corrected version back. Then you enter the mystical end panel black hole where your file sits on someone’s desk for weeks before it comes back to you looking exactly the same as everything else you’ve signed. We received our first draft of the preliminary final variation on the 14th of March and are still waiting for the end panel documents one month later…. We’ve been told to expect them this week, I’m not holding my breath.

  2. No, that’s where they “pretend” to actually do something 🙂

    If the prelim final variation was correct, then you’re getting your end panel documents. It’s basically your signed contract plus any variations afterwards.

  3. Hi guys,
    I can see that your process is so slow as ours. May I ask you if you pay for the 6 month extension?
    Either way, how are you managing the time frame date on your contracts?

    • We’re way past the 6 month mark by this stage so paid the tender extension amount. We are also well past the contract start date but Wisdom acknowledge this is due to delays on their side so have agreed not to charge us. The issue for us is the significant delays to the start of building and therefore completion. We’d like to move in some time this year but this is getting less and less likely with each passing week…

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