Wisdom have come through with the Hydraulics variation. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Upgrade all stormwater charged lines to 100mm = $3204.00
  • Flushing pit = $1890.00
  • Discharge control pit = $1890.00
  • Supply one orifice plate for discharge control pit = $904.00
  • Excludes inspection/compliance fees by owner hydraulic engineer (if required)

All up $7,888 for OSD.

This is the last of the variations (for now) so it’s onto End Panel and construction docs.


7 thoughts on “Hydraulics

  1. Hi TND,
    What does OSD stand for? Isn’t this something that is meant to be standard within your site costs,or any extra cost that Wisdom don’t tell you about until after Tender or have you requested it as a variation by you? If so why?

    • OSD = Onsite Stormwater Detention = Hydraulics. This is a council/CDC requirement.
      It comes through as a tender variation and Wisdom will not accept anyone else doing the work.
      Depending on who your salesperson is they will mention it or leave you to find out down the track.
      I recommend not putting in a Provisional Allowance (PA) for it in your tender since this basically gives your builder a blank cheque to charge what they like up front.
      In fact our whole experience of the Wisdom process leads us to recommend not putting in any PAs and let the quotes come back first. The PAs are at best a guess and will be overridden at colour selection time by any upgrades taken.

      • Hi TND,
        Thanks for the heads up. You would think this is part of the site costs, especially when they keep rattling on(in their radios ads)about how their price is the final price. False advertising IMO.
        Our salesperson has not mentioned it(plenty of other allowances for slab upgrade etc), & I was going to mention it but may take your advice & keep quiet, & blow up when they bring it up in tender.

  2. Oh, you got stung worse than us. Ours was around $4.5k. When the variation came (out of nowhere, no warning, nothing!) I absolutely lost my sh*t. Not once during the entire process did they mention that the stormwater would cost extra. I don’t understand why they don’t just tell people right up front, add a provisional sum for it, or increase the base price so it doesn’t seem like such a money-grab.

    I don’t know why your 100mm pipes are so expensive. Ours is a 46sqm house and is cheaper:

    Provide stormwater drainage lines and pits as per details provided by ******* stormwater consultants Hydraulic detail plan dated ********, including the following:-
     Upgrade all stormwater for charged downpipes including rainwater tank overflow to 100 mm. $1769
     Supply & install one silt arrestor pit. $957
     2No. additional DP’s. $400
     Install galvanise square tubing in council nature strip. $957
     Rainwater tank to have 2x inlets, 2x baskets, 2x outlets, and 2x first flush units. $343 including certification

  3. Hi all,
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but hydraulics is not a requirement very common in the northern suburbs?? At least I have been reading that. Right now I am pretty scary. :-s

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