Still no End Panel

We’re still waiting on Wisdom to produce the End Panel documents. People on blogs and review sites talk about how long Wisdom admin takes. Definitely experiencing it now.

Change in CSOs mean that documents have been lost and had to be sent again. Nothing had been done about OSD and SoundScreen batts even though these have been in the tender for 6 months and we have been chasing up constantly.

Anyways some pricing on SoundScreen batts finally came in:

As advised by at time of tender we had put in PA for $2,000. It has now come back as:

  1. R2.5 Soundscreen insulation to external wall in lieu of standard. – $5,120.00
  2. R3.1 Soundscreen insulation to floor joists between First Floor and Ground Floor. – $4,455.00 

Almost $10,000 is a massive shock!

And we’re still waiting for OSD…

The main bottleneck seems to be Estimating which takes 5 to 10 days to turnaround the smallest thing.

Be prepared for admin to take up to half a year if you go with Wisdom.

Hopefully they are making some process improvements at Wisdom HQ…


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