Final Colours and End Panel

Now that Christmas shutdown is over and quotes have come back from suppliers, we made the trek out to Wisdom MyHome Central at Narellan for our final colour appointment.

Our colour consultant Cassie was excellent and took us through the interior colours, doors and door furniture and any colour variations. The best part was having someone experienced to confirm colours with. I was having nightmares about one colour in particular in for the kitchen overhead cabinets. Cassie picked a  colour which worked a lot better – disaster averted!

On the kitchen front, we had some last minute issues with the fridge cavity being way too high for our fridge.

Tip: measure your fridge carefully and check your plans thoroughly!

Fortunately, Sean and Rose at Timpelle were able to change out the plan that same day and get the revision back to Wisdom super quick. We have been really impressed by Timpelle’s service and willingness to work with clients. Looking forward to the kitchen they’re going to produce.

Our internal colour selections:

Walls, Doors, Door Frames: Taubmans Cloud Burst
Staircase handrail and capping: Taubmans Black Elegance
Kitchen Overhead Cabinets: Laminex White Poly
Kitchen Cabinets: Laminex Burnished Wood Nuance
Benchtops: Caesarstone Ice Snow 40mm
Splashback: Maltese
Front Door: Merbau
Timber posts: Taubmans Belgian Chocolate

Now onto end panel and final construction documentation…


5 thoughts on “Final Colours and End Panel

  1. You have good taste 🙂

    We are building a Majestic 45 (KDRB) and have similar colours. Cloud Burst for walls, Laminex white poly for kitchen, Burnished Wood Nuance for overheads and butlers pantry.

    I think we’re just ahead of you in the process, we’re waiting for our end-panel documents which will apparently arrive this week – not holding my breath though.

  2. You too! Reassuring to know someone else has chosen these colours.
    Agonised a lot over them!
    We’re stuck in admin hell atm – lots of little issues in documents and amendments which are taking up to a week to turnaround.

    • Hah, I’ll answer that with a “you too?!” as well. Our CSO won’t answer my calls any longer because I completely lost it this week and blew up several times over email. We had a $4.5k hydraulics variation come through without any warning or explanation. I’ve been really patient until now, but there’s only so much we can take before cracking.

      I just got our prelim final document today and it was riddled with mistakes. There were things in the contract that were covered in colour/selection appointments however they never took them out of the post contract variation, so effectively, they’re trying to charge us twice for some items. It worked out to be about $7k extra.

      • We’re going through a very similar experience with our final docs. We’ve also been charged extra due to items double counted. We’ve had items missed, items incorrect. Definitely need to keep a very close eye on things. Each time it needs to go to estimating it takes another week. We’ve been going through admin for almost half a year – way too slow.

  3. We’re also in admin hell.. 36 weeks of it!! We are awaiting final docs now. Very curious to see when we will get these. I’ve also lost all my patience and cannot believe how long things are taking. Same thing charged twice for things in electrical and air conditioning.

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