Final Landscaping Quote

We got our landscaping quote from Wisdom Landscapes. Here’s a sample of their pricing:

Site prep (allowance) – $2,250
Driveway and layback – $16,310
Concrete paths – $4,710
Garage drainage grate – $880!
Garden edging – $550
Stepping stones (600 x 300mm) – $1,300
Pebble paths – $1,700
Turf – $6150
Front brick fencing – $10,600
Side wooden fencing – $9,600
Gates – $450 each

Total cost came to $49,320 after factoring in Wisdom’s $5,500 Gift Certificate.

Most of this stuff you can get for much less at Bunnings and garden suppliers. We’ve been chasing down other driveway quotes and will doing landscaping works after handover.


3 thoughts on “Final Landscaping Quote

  1. Hi,

    Just wondering what you mean by driveway and “layback”? We are hoping to use our $5500 gift certificate for the driveway alone and do the rest ourselves but $16k is a ridiculous price!

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