Air Conditioning Appointment

It was off to Ultra Air in Minchinbury for our Air Conditioning Appointment.

From what we could gather Ultra Air install Actron Air Conditioners for Wisdom.

This was one of the less stressful appointments because there wasn’t that much to do.

We added:

2 extra zones – $350 each

2 extra slimline grates to the Home Theatre and Kitchen – $270 each

We already had priced an additional controller in our Tender – $240

All up our air con variations came to $1240.

On the way home we stopped by Laminex to check our kitchen colours.

We might have to change from our original choice…


2 thoughts on “Air Conditioning Appointment

  1. Hi!,

    Your blog is really helping me to have a better idea of what to expect! I’m having my appointments this week. I know that you have the Majestic 35 as well. May I ask how many outlets/vents are included?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  2. Hi there!
    You get one vent per room (not including wet areas and passage ways) – 13 outlets, model SRA 203 with 2 zones.
    Hope it goes well!

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