Electrical and Tile appointments

Today was a double header.

First appointment was with Clipsal at Macquarie Park.

Our consultant took us through an application called Clipspec which has a floor plan with included fixtures.

She then add electrical items room by room and  the price list gets updated on-the-fly which is pretty cool.

The appointment went for two hours. It really helped that we drew out a full electrical plan including wiring diagrams.

Even still it was tight and we had to do some “research” during the appointment.

The Clipsal consultant mentioned they only provided parts – the Wisdom electrician will do the actual installation.

We went for downlight provisioning to save some money as we have electrician friends.

Wisdom will basically put in a standard bayonet and make sure it is not obstructed by any beams or insulation.

Recommend coming fully prepared with all positions for GPOs, lights, switches, appliances beforehand.

It also helps to speak to an electrician beforehand. The consultant wasn’t really technical so couldn’t answer many questions.

We originally budgeted $3,500 for electrical but went over by $1,520!

The whole thing was pretty rushed so we’re thinking of removing some items so save cost.

Second appointment was for tiles with Di Lorenzo at Bella Vista.

We managed to choose our Granny Flat tiles and carpet but ran out of time for the main house.

Will need to go back on Saturday…


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