Demolition Man

We’re doing a knockdown, subdivide, rebuild so phase 1 is the knockdown.

We asked for three quotes from State Demolition, Democorp and City Civil.

City Civil didn’t get back to us.

State Demolition came in on the high side.

Democorp was cheaper and we noticed a lot of people in the area were using them so we figured they must be ok.

Democorp were also really helpful in removing some trees which we were able to sell to a green thumbed individual on Gumtree.

Unfortunately, during the demolition Democorp found some asbestos in the following areas which added significantly to the cost:

  • Kitchen
  • Ensuite
  • Bathroom
  • Toilets x 2
  • Walls to bedroom x 2
  • Laundry
  • Bar area (yes the old house has a bar!)
  • To top side of roof trusses to 90% of the house (under two layers of battens).
  • To top side of roof trusses to garage (under two layers of battens).

They did a good job of levelling the site and removing all traces of the house. There was some debris left on the site after the demolition which led to some back and forth with Democorp. In the end, common sense prevailed and we got it sorted out after some late night emailing.


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