So it begins…

After a fair bit of searching we finally settled on a property purchase in April 2012.

We started speaking to builders in September 2012 – Sekisui, Masterton, Clarendon, Allworth.

Weighing up the inclusions, build quality we decided to go to tender with two – Allcastle and Wisdom Homes.

In the end, after both tenders and initial site tests were done, we went with Wisdom Home after speaking to Colt at the Kellyville Sales Office.

Wisdom had the combination of design, inclusions and build quality we were after. Hope this has been the right choice!


4 thoughts on “So it begins…

  1. Hi,
    We are looking to go with Wisdom in Majestic or Ambassador(still undecided). I have paid a $1500 deposit which goes towards a contour survey & soil test. I assume you did the same to in order to get to Tender stage, but seeing as you also did the same with Allcastle Homes, did you also pay them a fee/deposit to get their tender?

    • Hi Louie,
      Yes we also had to pay for a tender with Allcastle. Depending on the salesperson you might be able to negotiate for a cheaper tender price. Definitely recommend getting multiple tenders as it helps with comparing and negotiations to a degree.

  2. Thanks tnd,
    See your point but can’t justify paying multiple builders for a quote…..& the funny thing is that although its to pay for a contour survey/soil test if you dont go with them, they keep the surveys,hence this is my sticking point with Wisdom, as you just don’t know how much the initial estimate will differ to tender pricing.

    Following your blog, has been a great welath of insight for us so far. Thanks.

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