Bricking Begins

Bricking has begun!

The brickies are doing a good job so far and the bricks are mostly level with even mortar joints.
We’re liking the colour – especially offset with the dark window frames.
Spoke to one of the friendly bricklayers and he told us the bricking will be finished in three weeks!
Unfortunately, a day later, the storms came and put a kybosh on further bricking for the time being.

In other news, the gas meter has been moved to the same side now as the electricity and water meters.
Also the powder room shower head and tap has been moved to the correct side.


Plumbing, meter box and bricks arrive

Since our last update, we visited the site with our SS who showed us all the exciting things happening with the build.

Water and gas pipes have gone in…

The water pipes are the grey ones and gas are the yellow ones.

The electrical meter box has been installed…

And this little shipment arrived on our doorstep…

The bricks look great and we love the smooth look, although they seem to be more challenging to lay and can chip easily.


A few issues have cropped up at this stage:

  • The gas meter was put on the wrong side – a different side from the electricity and water meter. It was surprising, since the gas meter position had been agreed beforehand.
  • The shower head position for the downstairs Powder Room was on the wrong side – so that you’d have to step over the toilet to get into the shower!
  • The handles for some of the windows were different colours to the others.

Fortunately, Wisdom have agreed to move the gas meter to the same side as all the other meters and reposition the shower head which is great of them.
The friendly people at Trend Windows said they’d come and swap the handles so that they all match. Brilliant!

Our SS informed us yesterday that bricking will start next week.

Hope this beautiful weather continues!

First Floor Frame and Windows

The frame guys have been working at a cracking pace and the first floor frame has gone up. The granny flat frame has also gone in and is looking great.
Trend Windows were also delivered and installed last week. We’re really happy with the Monument colour and the large size of the windows.
Funnily enough, we’ve been given a mixture of silver and black handles which looks really odd. A quick call to Trend Windows and they said they can be swapped out very easily. Good to have something fixed with little fuss.
Our SS thinks bricking will start in a week and he estimates it will take about a month to complete.


The Frames

The frames arrived on Wednesday in not so little stacks on the front yard.
Treated frames, blue steel beams, roof trusses and bracing are all ready to be put together.
It looked like a massive Ikea flat pack!


We came back on Thursday and were stoked to see the first floor had gone up!
The chipboard panels help brace the frames and are added at strategic points specified by the engineers.


By Friday this wee beast arrived on site… stay tuned!

Friday update – 4 July

It’s been a relatively quiet week this week as the slab has been curing.

SS called on Friday and gave us the update:

  • Drainage and sewerage plumbing complete
  • Frames will be delivered next Wednesday
  • Frames will be put up next Thursday

We went on site yesterday and can see a tap has been installed on the garage side, not on the opposite side as we wanted. Looks like we’ll need to have a chat with the SS and confirm all positions (esp. electrical).

Slab down!!

Today something momentous happened.
The concreters were on site pouring concrete onto the waffle pods for both the main house and the granny flat.
At long last, now we have a slab. And it is beautiful!

We’re picturing how everything is going to look and trying to get a feel for the proportions.
Definitely glad we widened the balcony from the original Sovereign design.

The blog header has been updated to mark this special occasion!

Friday Update: Got our first Friday Update call from our SS this morning! He confirmed that the slab has been laid, and that a curing agent would be poured on it today to slow down the drying process. We weren’t sure if slabs still needed to be watered down every day while they’re drying – relieved that they don’t! The slab then needs to dry out for about a week, before they put in the rest of the sewer and drainage pipes late next week. Landscaping will also be out there sometime next week for some initial site prep. But the most exciting piece of news is that our frame will be delivered on 7 July and will start going up soon after!

Invasion of the Waffle Pods

The backyard looks like the Flemington Markets before opening.
Waffle Pods have been delivered and are awaiting installation.
The pods are made of polystyrene and will be laid in a grid on top of the piers. Concrete will then be poured around them forming a “waffle” slab.
This method has become the most popular slab type amongst home builders because of its lower cost.
Strange to be thinking our entire house will be sitting on fruit boxes!

Yes you read that correctly, the top of the pod says that they’re combustible!

Piering, Formwork and Drainage

Took a visit to the site today and it was a great to see some action.
The plumbers were there and had driven a truck into the leisure room. They were busy installing drainage pipes.

Also got to meet our SS in person on site to discuss some preliminary items and answer some questions we had about positioning of gas, electricity and water.
He said again that slab pour should be sometime next week.

The concreters had been and gone and piering had been completed along with some formwork for the slab.

Boy, it’s starting to take shape!

Hallo Goedendag!

Our SS Darren called us up and introduced himself yesterday!
It was good to make contact and finally speak to the person who will be looking after the construction.
Seemed like a nice guy and on task which is what you want in a SS.
He said we can expect a call every Friday and provide updates on the build.
He also said it was going to be a long build given we’re building a granny flat as well and would probably take up the full contract time.
We were hoping to get in by Christmas but there are so many things that could delay the build so I guess he was setting expectations up front.
Some good news was that piering would start today, formwork this week and concrete pour next week.
One thing he mentioned is that we have to arrange Tiger Tails with our energy supplier to cover the overhead powerlines near the site so will do some shopping around.

We also got a call from Timpelle who have received our order and wanted our appliances to be delivered to them so they can make the cabinetry. Is this normal? Would’ve thought the specs in the manuals would be enough.

* Today’s title is in honour of the Dutch who we just lost to in the World Cup despite a magnificent showing from the Socceroos! Mighty proud of our team!

Welcome to Construction

We got our official Welcome to Construction email today from Kristen at Wisdom!
This means Production Estimation have finished with our file and all orders have gone out to the tradies and suppliers.
We will hear from our SS Darren in the next week.

Here’s hoping the weather looks like this over little while!